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  • Cover Stories
          "Capital Punishment: a question that just won't die"
          "Students overlook trades as future plans"

  • Opinion
          "Prepare for your future"
          Letters to the Editor
          "What kind of relationship do you have?"
          "Excepting the responsiblity of a parent"

  • This That and the Other
          WHS Bowl-A-Thon
          Around the World "I love you's"
          60 Romantic Ideas to do With Your Sweetheart

  • Features
          Grizzly Bulletin
          "WHS students help community enter 21st century"
          "Ohio House of Representatives reject new proposal for school funding"
          "Juvenile crimes mirror national trends"
          "Seniors spend Sunday nights at local lanes"
          "Strict security enforced at after-game dances"
          "Valentine's Day in Wadsworth"
          "Business students Columbus bound"
          Kate & Sue's health tips
          "Hudson teacher strike affecting community, students, and area"
          "Wadsworth leads County in test scores"

  • Fine Arts
          "Grease sings its way into O.J. Work"
          "Team talks its way to State Tournament"
          Fine Arts Tidbits

  • Sports
          Sports Briefs
          1998 Gold Medal Winners of the Winter Olympics
          "NHL stops play for men; women win gold"
          "Gymnasts defeat State Champions"
          "Stuchal earns volleyball scholarship"
          "Wrestlers only loss serves as momentum for League Tournament"
          "Should no-holds-barred be banned?"
          "Former students come back to coach"
          "NCAA Academic Requirements for Student-Athletes"

  • Entertainment
          "They're baaaack... Pearl Jam returns with fifth album, Yield"
          "Great Expectations film lives up to lofty namesake"
          "LA Media comes to Medina County police department"

  • Speakout
          Question: Do you believe the whole concept of "going to college" is overrated?
          Question: Are you planning to go to college, "just to go to college"?

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