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  • Cover Stories
          "Road rage, the rules of the road and student drivers"
          "Students don't utilize drug and alcohol knowledge"

  • Opinion
          Quiz: Who your real friends are!
          "Spring brings happiness"
          "Facing the truth is harder than it seems"

  • This That and the Other
          College Habits You Can Bring Home
          38 ways to order a pizza

  • Features
          Grizzly Bulletin
          "Party season brings alcohol, consequences"
          "Three hold press conferences"
          "Students find relief with Spring Break"
          "Society honors a select few of WHS students"
          "New lunch lines for '99"
          "New EMS proposed"
          "University honors postsecondary participants"

  • Fine Arts
          "WHS art not a sight for sore eyes"

  • Sports
          "Final inning for Lady sluggers coach"
          "Hurdle in Ladies season"
          "'Voice of Cubs' no longer heard"
          "Boys tennis to serve up an ace"
          "Countdown to 1999!"
          "Girls pave road to state"
          "Five wrestlers head to state"
          "Nitschke dies at age 61"

  • Entertainment
          "Restaurants off the beaten path often offer the best food"
          "Guiding men to a successful relationship"
          "Men, women engage in everyday war with each other"
          Entertainment News

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